Niki Okuk representing LUCI at conference in London

For the final session, on Friday afternoon, we are very proud to have Niki Okuk coming all the way over from Compton, CA, to talk to us alongside Guy Watson from Riverford Organic about putting the employees in charge. Both Niki any Guy are amazing speakers, that have founded and run very successful businesses which place people and planet before profit – they are all the proof you need that another world is possible. Check out Niki’s TED talk (with over 1 million views) and Guy’s video about how business can be a force for good.

We have over 50 speakers coming from all over the world to share their expertise – and it is thanks to them that this event is possible. Please join us to help create a more sustainable future, there are still a few tickets available. We look forward to seeing you on the 26th at Conway Hall.

Here is the News from the first day at the conference:
Preston Model: A city creating a local democratic economy with union coops

Got public employee pensions to invest in local businesses

There is a Canadian pension fund lending for worker ownership conversations

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