CUBA: Socialism, Cooperatives and Building a Solidarity Economy

The Center for Global Justice
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Cuba: Socialism, Cooperatives, and Building a Solidarity Economy
June 19 to July 2, 2016
Dear fellow co-op practitioner,

Cuba is going co-op! This is to invite you to observe first-hand Cuba’s bold shift from a state-directed economy to one that envisions cooperatives and the solidarity economy at its center. To bring Northamerican co-op members – and others interested in workplace democracy – into direct dialogue with Cuban counterparts leading this change, the Center for Global Justice offers a two-week study-tour from June 19 to July 2, 2016.

The first week features on-site meetings with leading co-ops, the second, debates with co-op members, researchers and leading Cuban thinkers. Among topics: whether independent co-ops dilute or deepen Cuba’s socialism; co-op responses to new waves of tourists; everyday adjustments to the changes; their impact on evolving US-Cuban relations, and opportunities and risks of bringing co-ops into the center of an economy.

The Center for Global Justice, devoted to "research and learning for a better world," has long been visiting Cuban cooperatives. We are confident Northamerican co-ops that encourage members to join this study-tour will not be disappointed. See the Call below and/or check

Contact us at cuba

Please note that registration for "Cuba: Socialism, Cooperatives & Building a Solidarity Economy" ends April 15. We urge you to inquire ASAP.

This ice-breaking encounter between the two movements is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for all who support workplace democracy. Don’t miss it!

Yours in cooperation,
Bob Stone
Secretary, Center for Global Justice

Cuba: Socialism, Cooperatives & Building a Solidarity Economy

Download Call in.pdf file: CLICK HERE

The Center for Global Justice • 42 Calzada de la Luz • San Miguel de Allende • GTO • 37700

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